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Welcome to the Gipnoz Hotel

The Gipnoz Hotel – high-quality service, reasonable prices


In every person's life there are both emergency and clearly planned occasions when you need to use the services of the hotel or hostel. Today we have many different options of various classes for temporary residence, but to rent a hotel in Moscow you should review the offers and features of classification.

Our rooms

«Standart №3»

24 Hours:1500 rub
Night:1400 rub
2 Hours:1200 rub
Add. hour:200 rub

«Delux 60.8»

24 Hours:1700 rub
Night:1500 rub
2 Hours:1400 rub
Add. hour:200 rub


24 Hours:1800 rub
Night:1600 rub
2 Hours:1500 rub
Add. hour:250 rub

«Delux 17»

24 Hours:1800 rub
Night:1600 rub
2 Hours:1500 rub
Add. hour:250 rub

«Premium 8»

24 Hours:2500 rub
Night:2300 rub
2 Hours:1600 rub
Add. hour:400 rub

« Premium Superior №9»

24 Hours:3000 rub
Night:2500 rub
2 Hours:1700 rub
Add. hour:500 rub

Classification of hotels

A universal criterion for evaluating the hotel is the "stars", their number depends on the quality of service, equipment of rooms, and facilities of the building. These factors should be regarded first and foremost when choosing a hotel, let's consider "stars" more detaily:

Book a hotel in Moscow

Many a reasons may make a person to take a hotel room. This could be the reasons of a personal nature or buisness. The Gipnoz Hotel offers the great booking conditions; here the tourist can stay for the night and relax in the beautifully appointed mirrored room. The cost depends on room type and length of stay.

Gipnoz is particularly relevant for those who are looking for a hotel with hourly rates, after all, tourist trips, long flights don't mean easy departure, but a person needs to take a shower or just relax after a long trip. In this case, the Gipnoz hotel in Moscow is ready to help you; after prior agreement with the administration you can rent a room by the hour, the day or the required time of residence.

Features of booking

It is quite difficult to rent a hotel room in Moscow per hour, especially if we are talking about rooms of premium class. Gipnoz offers to book a suite or a room of another type, at least a day in advance, and make a prepayment. You can find the price for a room directly on the official website or contact the administration. Gipnoz guarantees a wonderful stay for honeymooners, tourists, business partners who need different terms of service.

The highly qualified staff, amazing service, wonderful reviews from real customers – all that allows us to call GIpnoz the best hotel in Moscow.

If there is a need to rent a hotel room in Moscow for a day, you can go straight to Gipnoz, this is the place where the opinion and desires of the client are highly valued.