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Policies of the Gipnoz hotel

1. The hotel is designed for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration.

2. At the end of the agreed term, a resident must leave the room at the request of the administration. The payment for a reservation (request) is recommended to be paid for the entire stated period (if it is part payment, extension of stay is not guaranteed). The booking is made in case of rooms available.

3. Accommodation for up to checkout time (from 0 to 14 hours) is a subject of availability (not guaranteed). To accommodate up to a checkout time (from 0 to 14 hours), it is recommended to book the room, putting the date of arrival the day before.

4. To shorten the duration of the stay must be notified no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. In the absence of notification, the hotel reserves the right to retain an amount equal to the cost of one night stay at the hotel. In case of early departure, a refund is in the form of received payment (cash, non-cash, credit card).

5. If you wish to prolong your stay, you must inform the hotel administrator not later than a day (24 hours) before check-out, the period of stay is extended if there are rooms available.

6. The room provides to a Guests with the full payment of the room upon presentation of the identity document of all occupants.

7. When a Guest fills in the questionnaire, signing the form, he or she confirms the accuracy of the information about themselves and consent to the rules of accommodation in the Gipnoz hotel.

8. Charges for accommodation and services are provided at the free (contractual) prices.

9. In case of early arrival or delayed departure of the Guests - rooms are subject to availability. The payment will be charged according to the price list.

10. When booking or in the free settlement Guest chooses room category, and the right to select specific rooms remains with the Contractor.

11. At the request of the guest unauthorized persons may be at the hotel from 9-00 to 23-00, subject to registration on the basis of the document proving the identity.

12. Visitor shall:

13. Guests are prohibited:

14. The administration is not responsible for guests ' valuables (jewelry, securities, currency, banknotes, expensive electronics, personal documents) left in the room.

15. In the absence of the Guest at the place of residence for more than two hours after checkout time without charge, and also the left belongings of the Guest, the Administration creates the Commission, makes levy of execution, finding in his room, is responsible for the safety and takes measures to return it to its owner.

16. In the event of complaints from the Guest, the hotel takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict under the law.

17. In cases not covered by these rules, the administration is guided by current legislation of the Russian Federation. These rules are developed in accordance with Russian Federation Law "On protection of consumer rights" and "Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation" approved by RF Government Decree from October 09, 2015 No. 1085.